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Welcome to the
Pente Partner Resource Portal

Here you will find your Start with Pente Partner Program resources as well as up to the minute product information. Remember, if you need assistance, our sales team is always ready to help. 

Review this simple guide  for instructions on how to get quickly get started selling private networks.

Quotes & Orders

To start the order process, we require that a formal quote request form is submitted to your sales representative. Please see the quick start guide for step by step instructions on submitting a quote and placing an order.


If you would like an automatic quoting form with pricing, please contact your Pente sales associate.


For all order inquiries such as status, tracking, billing or payments, please contact

Product Information

The Pente HyperCore Solution Document provides a description for the Pente HyperCore platform for IoT/Enterprise Mobility Connectivity Control and API driven Mobile core.

The contents include an overview of the solution, user interfaces, configuration
options, integrations, hardware, implementation, operation and support.

To gain access to a copy of this, please submit a request using the Pente ticketing system (see bel.ow).


You can access the Pente ticketing system here

To learn more about the ticketing system, including access to our user guide, please visit our support site:


We love doing co-marketing projects with our partners! Please share your customer success stories with us so we can promote them too!

If you are looking to create co-branded content or leverage our existing brochures and documentation, following are our branding guidelines. All we ask is that you send your content to us for approval first by contacting marketing at

Brand Guidelines and Logo

Pente Logo in various color options. This is a logo and as such should never be used as part of a sentence. There should always be a separation between the logo and other text or visual elements when used. If you need a different file format or have questions about usage, please contact marketing at

  • Pente Logo - White Color

  • Pente Logo - Black Color

  • Pente Logo - All Black

  • Pente Logo - All White

  • Pente P - Black Color

Download Zip File

HyperCore Cloud Logo in various layouts and color options. Again this is a logo and should never be used as part of a sentence and there should always be a separation between the logo and other text/visual elements.

  • Horizontal HyperCore Cloud Plain Logo Versions 

  • Horizontal HyperCore Cloud By Pente Logo Versions

  • Pente HyperCore Cloud Stacked Logo Versions

Download Zip File

Pente Blue:

Hex: #00aeef

RGB: 0, 174, 239

CMYK: 69, 14, 0, 0

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