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Start with Pente

The Pente System Integrator

Partner Program

We help our partners sell private cellular by making it easy to showcase private network orchestration.

The need for private LTE and 5G private cellular networks is growing exponentially. But there is still a lot of confusion about CBRS, concern over provisioning devices and fear about the complexity of integration with IT applications. With the Start with Pente Program, we have a simple, real-time way to demonstrate to customers in any industry how they can monitor, manage and analyze everything on their network quickly and without specialized training or equipment.

By partnering with Pente you'll get all the tools you need to sell, deploy, and support any private cellular network.

IWant to find a HyperCore Cloud system integrator or MSP? Contact us.

Program Highlights

Private Cellular Network Starter Kit
Office Worker
Pente Partner Program

HyperCore Control Center for Integrators 

We've created a scalable solution for system integrators and managed service providers to support any size customer - and any amount of customers - from dozens to millions of devices. 

Pente HyperCore Network Diagram

Based on multi-tenant SaaS architecture, HyperCore lets you  manage multiple clients with ease. Leverage integrated tools like billing, ordering and streaming big data events to your BI engine for KPI monitoring. You can also create customized, branded portals and dashboards for each customer.

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