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The Pente HyperCore Cloud Platform

Private cellular network orchestration for IT professionals.

HyperCore Survivable Edge

Auto-configured: so it is functional as soon as you connect to the cloud

Smooth integration: with any RAN infrastructure

Ultra-reliable: so the network keeps its functionality even when disconnected from the cloud


HyperCore Cloud combines a plug-and-play, survivable edge with cloud-based LTE and 5G core control and orchestration software.

HyperCore Control Center

Control everything from one portal:

  • Auto-recognize & define new devices 

  • Integrated & managed core

  • Over 700 APIs

  • Reporting, alerts & analytics dashboard

  • End-to-end security

  • Public network integration

API cropped.png

Let HyperCore automate the full network of capabilities

RESTful API families include:

Over 700 Enterprise APIs

  • Alerts

  • APN

  • Audit Logs

  • Authentication

  • Billing

  • Customers

  • Organizations

  • Roaming

  • IP Pools

  • IP Profiles

  • Network

  • Alerts

  • Reports

  • OTA

  • SMS

  • Inventory

  • Search

  • Tagging

  • Edge

  • Things

  • Base Stations

  • Users

  • Webhooks

  • Security

It really is that simple and cost effective.
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