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Private cellular network orchestration for IT professionals.

The Pente HyperCore Cloud Platform

The Pente HyperCore Cloud. is a multi-tenant management platform that becomes an extension of the enterprise IP network. Consisting of a cloud-controlled edge and a robust software solution, the HyperCore makes private networks accessible and easy to operate without telecommunications experience.

HyperCore EdgeMini
On-premise edge with cloud-based control

  • Full EPC/GPC - LTE/5G core

  • Auto-configured to be functional when connected to the cloud

  • Instant authentication of new SIMs/eSIM

  • Smooth Integration with any RAN infrastructure

  • Optional survivability software ensures the local network continues even if disconnected from the cloud

  • Flexible form factors from the EdgeMini for robust performance in limited spaces to the EdgeMax 1U server for enterprise applications 

  • Also available, EdgeScale VM for infinite devices and throughput scaling

HyperCore Control Center
Self-service portal tailored for IT

  • Over 700 RESTful APIs for fast IT service integration

  • End-to-end built-in security

  • Bandwidth optimization and network slicing

  • Instantly detect, define and provision new devices remotely

  • Integrated eSIM creation

  • Reporting, alerts and analytics dashboard 

  • Public network integration for public/private roaming

  • Personalized branding

  • Customizable access for different end-users

  • One control center - infinitely scalable

Complete 4G/5G network security, including full hardware protection for the entire network. So you get end-to-end security in one SaaS solution, no additional software licenses, no additional integration time.

We Make it Simple to Get Private

With HyperCore, everyone can  immediately realize the benefits of private wireless without needing mobile operator engineering resources. Learn how Pente has democratized private network connectivity so everyone can get private.

Let HyperCore automate the full network of capabilities

RESTful API families include:

Over 700 Enterprise APIs

  • Alerts

  • APN

  • Audit Logs

  • Authentication

  • Billing

  • Customers

  • Organizations

  • Roaming

  • IP Pools

  • IP Profiles

  • Network

  • Alerts

  • Reports

  • OTA

  • SMS

  • Inventory

  • Search

  • Tagging

  • Edge

  • Things

  • Base Stations

  • Users

  • Webhooks

  • Security

It really is that simple and cost effective.
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