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The HyperCore Cloud Security Suite

Zero trust LTE/5G network security, right out of the box

The Pente HypereCore Cloud empowers you to safeguard all your devices within the mobile network through a single, comprehensive system.


Serving as a mobile protection hub, it bridges the barrier between the mobile device and the network, from the SIM card to the mobile core, protecting you against cellular-based attack vectors and much more.

zero trust firewall

Pente protects both the network and the devices because our firewall protection is applied on the device level. 


The HyperCore can integrate with IT systems for authentication and to centrally manage settings such as enabling/disabling SIMs, defining device-level access rules, and preventing users from moving cards between devices.

cloud-to-edge protection

Pente's cloud-to-edge, hardware-level protection solution means you get a more robust set of security options locally on each edge.


This delivers similar hardware security modules (HSM) that Telcos use allowing for client isolation and completely secures the SIM key database to prevent sensitive data from being compromised.

anomaly detection and action

The HyperCore automatically alerts you when devices aren't functioning properly - including cellular-level signaling attacks.


The HyperCore also has a built-in actions tool to give you the control to set automatic outcomes and actions to take based on your protocols for the detected anomalies.

With the Pente HyperCore Cloud built-in Security Suite, you can manage your cellular network like a true enterprise network without mobile operator engineering resources or additional software integrations.

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Compliance and Testing

Pente follows the strictest compliance guidelines for the HyperCore Security Suite and has passed some of the most stringent penetration (PEN) testing conducted by our customers including several Fortune 50 enterprises and  military organizations.

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